EWS athletes from the Tweed Valley.

Advocates for the sport and the destination. 


Katy Winton

Age: 27
Lives in: Peebles


Moxie XI powered by SRAM.


A buzzing wee Scottish mountain biker with multiple EWS podiums to her name and two 3rd overall in EWS rankings for 2017 and 2018.


Katy hails from the UK mountain bike mecca the Tweed Valley in Scotland and this year will be racing on her own team - Moxie XI powered by SRAM.

Katy is an active campaigner for World Bicycle Relief. 

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Jake Ebdon

Age: 20
Lives in: Innerleithen


Supported by Santacruz Bikes UK / Reserve Wheels, Vittoria Tyres, Royal Racing / 7idp, Smith optics UK, Crankbrothers, Mudhugger and Burgtec.

Trained by James McCallum (Whats Your Meta)


"I’ll be racing all EWS2021 in the U21 category.  Nothing beats riding my bike fast and the amazing places and people this sport allows me to encounter. I raced junior downhill world cups and represented GB at world champs 2019. 


I’ve gone more enduro now as I just love riding all day and the current enduro bikes are capable of way more these days. Still love to ride a DH bike though and hoping to do a few downhill races this year too!"

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Polly Henderson

Age: 20
Lives in: Innerleithen


Races enduro for Juliana Bicycles.


"Here in the Tweed Valley, Scotland I get to ride and train on some of the best trails in the world, and I am also studying here. 


I did my first race when I was 7 years old and at that point I fell in love with the sport and I haven’t stopped racing since. I raced cross country to National level until I was 16 but, by then, I had found Enduro!


My favourite races so far were the EWS in Zermatt in 2019, where I was 2nd in U21 and the Trophy of Nations in Finale, where I was part of team GB and we won the World Champs jerseys."

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William Brodie

Age: 17
Lives in: Denholm

"I am currently a first year student at Base Mountain Biking at Borders College, hoping to pass and attend year 2.

Tweed Valley is where I found my love of bikes - in local kids club KICC and in racing. This year is my first year as a junior rider in the UCI World Cup Downhill races in Austria and France. I'm also racing in the EWS100 at EWS La Thule, and looking forward the same race event at EWS Tweed Valley.

My racing highlights include the 2018 British Enduro Championship, the Scottish Championships in SDA Downhill, overall winner of SDA downhill, 1st in Trance Boost Enduro, 5th overall in ISX Rookie Cup Austria, and 2nd overall in the British National Downhill Race."

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Emily Carrick-Anderson

Age: 16
Lives in: Peebles


Rides for T-Mo Racing.


"I started riding my bike when I was just over 2 years old and I’ve been racing since I was 5.


I now race for T-Mo Racing and do a range of disciplines including enduro, cross-country, cyclo-cross and road. 


I love racing and riding and can’t wait to see where the future takes me in the cycling world."

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Stan Nisbet

Age: 13
Lives in: Peebles

Team/support Tweed Valley Bikes/Dirt School.

"My best biking experience was spending three weeks in Canada exploring Alberta and BC’s finest trails/bike parks ending up in Whistler.


I also loved competing in the IXS Rookie Cup in Austria, this was like being at a mini DH World Cup!"


Best race results: Scottish mini DH champion 2018, 2019; 3rd in the IXS Rookies cup in Austria 2019.


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