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EWS Tweed Valley Pro Results

The first round of the Enduro World Series (EWS) has finally come to a close and we have crowned our series one winners!

In the mens, local privateer Innes Graham made his come back after a six year hiatus from racing. Winning the Pro Stage on Saturday, he was the last man to come down the hill on race day surrounded by the roaring local crowd and took third.

Jesse Melamed from Rocky Mountain Race Face took second spot, but with a five second lead, it would be Richie Rude who claimed the top spot and secured himself round one for the start of the season.

In the women's race, Lapierre Zip Collectives Isabeau Courdurier followed the same path as privateer Innes Graham, after winning the Pro Stage on Saturday, she also was last down the hill on race day, and claimed a solid start to the season in third. Bex Baraona (Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team) now calls the Tweed Valley home but it was local Scottish rider, Ella Connolly (Cannondale Mountain) with over a seven second lead, who took her first home soil win.

The series returns on June 16-19 for round two of the EWS and EWS-E in Petzen Jamnica, in Austria and Slovenia.

Full results can be found here.