Your Essential Guide to Racing EWS-E at Tweed Valley

In one of Scotland’s best loved locations, Tweed Valley will kick off the 2022 EWS-E season with courses that will push both riders and their bikes to the limit. The Tweed Valley is not shy and offers an often unforgiving steep, tight and technical array of climbs and descents, sprinkled with a touch of good old Scottish weather to spice things up! (We’re still not over last year's mud…)

Enduro World Series Vittoria Tweed Valley

Who would have thought that just in a few short years, every hillside would be buzzing with the motor of an electrically assisted mountain bike?

Turn the clock back just a handful of years and the concept of going enduro racing onboard an electrically assisted mountain bike would have felt completely alien. As E-MTB tech leapt forward though human beings quickly realised what human beings have always quickly realised; not only should this new technology be celebrated but that it was of vital importance that it should be thrashed as hard as possible!

And that’s why we came up with EWS-E. Yes, it would have been easy to simply create an E-MTB class for our existing Enduro World Series format but where would the challenge in that be?! The good news is that if you already own or are thinking about owning an E-MTB then we already have a way for you to push it and yourself on course in the Tweed Valley. Here’s all you need to know:



New to racing? The EWS-E 50 races are half the distance of the EWS-E100, meaning that you can get the same race day buzz, on a single battery, the perfect entry point into E-MTB racing.


EWS-E is so much more than ‘just’ a battery-powered EWS. The range extending potential offered up by E-MTB’s means that we can make the courses much longer, giving you maximum time spent on the stages. For example, last season’s Vittoria EWS-E Tweed Valley was 13 stages, taking in a whopping 47km!

The course will be 3 loops (minimum of 2 different loops) with 2-5 special stages in each. Racers will return to the pits for any battery swap, tech support and food and hydration they might need.

Power stages

One of the key differentiators between an EWS race course and an EWS-E race course are the power stages. Power stages are a revolutionary concept in mountain bike racing and see riders take on technical uphill challenges against the clock. Surefooted mountain goats will be rewarded with plenty of technical line choices with easier options on tap for those happier to aim at clocking a clean stage.

That’s what is so fascinating about power stages – they reward the same kind of risk taking and skills that a traditional downhill test would whilst also allowing racers to really exploit the full range of their bikes abilities.


You’ll need an E-MTB.

Three batteries and a bike that allows them to be swapped in and out quickly to be precise (3 for EWS-E100).

A full-face helmet. The Tweed Valley Race Book specifies “Racers must wear a full face helmet (either fixed or detachable chin piece) on all race stages. Detachable chin piece can be removed for the liaison and Power stages. The rules apply to both training and race days.” You can read the Tweed Valley Race Book here.

All timing chips and bike marking equipment will be provided at registration.

Sam Hill riding EWS-E Tweed Valley 2021

Riders to watch

As in an EWS, when you enter an EWS-E you’re not simply going to be racing on any old race course. You’ll be on the same race course as some of the biggest stars in mountain biking!

After one year and two EWS-E wins with Orbea FOX Enduro Team last season, reigning champion Laura Charles has joined Miranda Factory Team in 2022, focussing exclusively on eMTB racing.

EWS-E Tweed Valley 2022 will also see the return of last years EWS-E Champion, Nico Vouilloz who will be riding for the Lapierre Overvolt Team, as well as DH legend Sam Hill who has built one of the biggest legacies across both the Downhill and Enduro sport, winning two world cup series titles and now three consecutive Enduro World Series overall. He’ll be riding alongside Elliott Heap for the newly named Nukeproof SRAM Factory Racing team.

Italian Olympic medalist, XC legend and EWS-E returner Marco Fontanta will also be back for another exciting round of EWS-E Tweed Valley.

How to get involved

If you want to race either the Tweed Valley 2022 EWS-E100 or EWS-E50 then you can enter here.