How to watch the racing this weekend

On Saturday & Sunday the EWS Pros, EWS100, EWS80 and the EWS-KIDS will all be on course racing throughout the day.

Read on to find out how to catch the racing this weekend:


The EWS100 are the first to roll out on Saturday morning and you can get an idea of where to catch them at each stage based on their stage start times. They'll be followed by the EWS80, you can see their start times here.

The EWS Pros will take to the Pro Stage - DH Mash Up, from 11:30 to 14:30. Check out the start list to see when your hero will be hurtling down the trail and into the finish bowl.

EWS-KIDS kicks off from 9:30am and runs until mid afternoon. You can catch the Balance Buddies in the festival village, and the others on the 3 main stages - below, above and in the finish bowl field.


On Sunday it's all about the EWS Pros. Here are the approximate timings you'll be able to catch them on each stage:

Dances With Wolves - 09.50 - 12:40

Repeat Offender - 10:450 - 13:35

Big Baw - 11:45 -14:35

Big Deal - 12:50 - 15:40

DH Mashup - 14:20 - 17:10

You can find the race maps and the festival schedule in the event programme.


Race timings can change quickly due to a number of factors so the timings above are all approximate and are subject to change on the day.

To keep up to date with the Pro race, you can follow the live race timings.