Sustainability is hugely importance to the Enduro World Series team and here in the Tweed Valley event team, we’ve made it our mandate to have sustainability at our core.

Event Sustainability

The Tweed Valley round of the Enduro World Series (EWS) aims to be a world leader in showcasing resource efficiency, environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility through an innovative, practical and highly visible sustainability initiative.


As an international events company based in Scotland we appreciate that we are well positioned to:

  • Amplify the climate action message to a global audience

  • Build awareness around sustainable issues

  • To build measures into our organisation for things that we can control and maximise influence in a loud and clear way on issues that we can’t 

  • That we understand that the public expect events to earn social and environmental licence to operate

We want the event at the EWS Tweed Valley to be sustainable and respectful of the local environment, both during and after the event. Some of the steps we are taking to ensure this include:


  • On-site, single use plastics must be kept to an absolute minimum

  • Cutlery and trays used in food service must be reusable, recyclable or compostable

  • No glass is permitted onsite

  • Segregated recycling bins will be available across the Festival Village and spectator zones

  • Where possible, we will use local suppliers for the event, both to minimise travel/carbon footprint, and to ensure a positive economic benefit for the local business community

  • EWS reuse race materials such as rider number plates, start/finish line assets, podium structures, signage and other items to ensure minimum wastage 

  • Race information is supplied in a digital format where possible

  • The Event Programme is available as a digital download only

  • Minimise our environmental impact and deliver community benefits and wealth building through better selection and improved usage of products and services

  • Foster innovation in our supply chain to increase the availability and effectiveness of sustainable solutions that meet our operational requirements

  • Require our suppliers to adopt practices that minimise their environmental impact and deliver community benefits in relation to their own operations and throughout the supply chains in which they operate

  • Work in partnership with suppliers to achieve our common goals and continually improve performance over time. As a returning international event we will strive to build relationships with our suppliers.

  • Operate and work with Trash Free Trails to maintain our status of a TFT approved event. 


Trail Sustainability


We are working closely with land owners, Forestry & Land Scotland, and the charity Tweed Valley Trail Association, of which all our employees are members. 


These organisations help us ensure that:


The race trails we use and build have been appropriately assessed and approved.


There won’t be a negative impact on the local environment, wildlife or future use of the trail/area.


The trails are maintained to ensure they are safe and accessible for our athletes, media, marshalls and medics.


Similarly, to ensure the trails are left safe and accessible for the many riders who will visit the area after the EWS race event.