Trash Free Trails

Trash Free Trails is a community focussed, non-profit organisation. Through their  work with industry, events, groups and individuals they promote a positive, inclusive  call to protect our trails and the wild places they take us to.  

Working With Trash Free Trails

This year, we are working collaboratively with Trash Free Trails and all of our event suppliers to take a unified approach to reducing our environmental impact.

At this years EWS Tweed Valley, Trash Free Trails will be hosting the 'Trash Free Olympics' as well as a Trash Free Trails talk on stage on Saturday 4th June. 


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The Great Borders River Clean & Trash Free Trails EWS Big Tidy Up

The Great Borders River Clean & Trash Free Trails EWS Big Tidy Up is part of a continued wider effort over the weekend of Friday 27th – Sunday 29th May to clean the region’s waterways of rubbish.


The Great Borders River Clean will involve more than twenty towns and villages. Over the last two years, thousands of volunteers have removed more than 10,000kg of rubbish from rivers and streams across the region.”

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TFT Approved Events

Helping to make mountain bike events more sustainable

Some information from our friends at Trash Free Trails:

Sadly, we’ve all been to (or seen the aftermath) of a poorly managed/unsustainable event; whether that’s dropped gel ends on the trails, signage/tape that lingers for months after the last rider crossed the line or overflowing skips in the camping field. Those days are over. 


It is our firm belief that the protection of the trails and surrounding ecosystems that host the races and events that we love so much and promoting that ethos to everyone involved in the event (from riders to food vendors) should be at the very top of event organisers’ ‘To Do List’. In the very simplest of terms, without the trails and wild places there would be no event and it is time to acknowledge that fact and recognise our collective responsibility.


This acknowledgement is a non-negotiable ‘red line’ for Trash Free Trails. However, we also know how insanely busy and stretched event organisers can be! So, in line with our positive, solutions focused, values we decided to get to work on creating a DIO Toolkit that would help make mountain bike events more sustainable.


So, how does it work?


TFT Approved is a, free to use, self accreditation toolkit that enables event organisers of all shapes and sizes to MASSIVELY reduce the #SingleUseProduct footprint of their events and #LeaveAPositiveTrace on the trails and wild places that host them. For an event to be considered TFT Approved, it must meet a number of criteria, with gold, silver and bronze accreditation levels providing opportunities for gradual improvement whilst still having something to celebrate.


We’ve put loads of effort into making it as easy and enjoyable for people to use (we know how insanely busy event organisers are!), here’s how it’ll work;


  • DOWNLOAD the guide and checklist from 

  • STEP BY STEP - From pre-event comms to packdown, you’ll work through a simple, achievable step by step process 

  • TFT APPROVED - Submit your ‘TFT Approved Score’ to us and we’ll send out your gold, silver or bronze medal logo

  • SHOUT! digitally and physically (on the mic!!!) about why you have chosen to become part of the #TFTApproved programme


COMING IN 2022! From tutorials to digital asset packs, there will be all kinds of extra assets available to use in 2022.


I’m ‘just’ a rider! How can I help?


Ultimately, the success of our ‘TFT Approved’ scheme will depend upon the individual riders who bring these events to life, which means our DIO (Do It Ourselves) ethos will play a prominent role. Much like in your day to day riding, running or roaming YOU can join support the scheme by committing to the following actions;


  • Be a #NotSoSecretShopper when you attend TFT Approved events. As a self-accreditation scheme there’s a lot of trust involved in awarding events with their gold, silver or bronze medals. Knowing that there are hundreds of pairs of eyes making sure there really are recycling bins, water refill points and no polystyrene food containers for example is a great way of helping event organisers to ‘stay honest’ ;)


You can also...


  • #SingleUseSucks! From your sofa to the startline commit to being a #TrashFreerider

  • #LeaveAPositiveTrace!! If you see it pick it up

  • #JoinTheTrashMob!!! Take the #TrashFreeTrails mission back to your home trails and share your efforts with us @trashfreetrails.


Tried and tested.


We also know how surprisingly complex event organisation can be so we really took our time in developing TFT Approved. We collaborated with some of the World’s biggest (and smallest) and best mountain bike events such as; Red Bull Hardline, Enduro World Series, The Scott Naughty Northumbrian and Bude’s Dept 26 mates race to field test the scheme before pronouncing it fit for purpose.


Now, ahead of the 2022 race season, we are proud to make it available to all outdoor sports event organisers. What’s more, thanks to the support of Red Bull UK we are able to make the TFT Approved Scheme open source and free for all to use.


All we ask in return is that you share your stories with us :)


Good luck from the Trash Free Trails team.

@TrashFreeTrails - #HereForTheTrails 

The checklist and requirements will be available on our website soon in the meantime we’re encouraging event organisers of all types, shapes and sizes to get in touch to pre-register interest in participating in the scheme. Drop us an email at